How it started!

112firerescue is started in 2016 by JorisΒ  Senhorst.Β  What started as a small instagram account has now grown into an account with more than 15,000 followers!

The account only shares fire-related photos.We have also created our own hashtag: #112firerescue
This hashtag has now been used more than 8000 times.

How it works

When people use the hashtag #112firerescue or tag @112firerescue in there post, we notice that. When we like the picture and it meets our requirements, we can share the photo.

People want their message to be shared on other channels so that the reach is greater. So we can help them whith that!


We als othink it is important that nice things are shared on our account. That’s the reason that there are smiling people in the photo. Most photos were taken without an incident. We notice that the photos are mainly taken during exercises or during competitions

Current Followers: